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Dr. Baruch Amiri

what is therapy?

A psychologist is a consultant for life issues, kind of a coach, guide, teacher, or mentor. Therapy, also known as the “talking cure,” is the practice of tending to or healing the soul, body, and mind.

Resistance to Therapy

Many people do not believe in therapy. They are afraid that if they seek consultation they will be labeled as “crazy” or “sick.” They may think it is shameful or “weak” and that they should not need anyone’s help. Some people have had bad experiences with incompetent counselors. However, in reality, therapy, when conducted by competent counselors, can be extremely effective in helping with depression, anxiety, loss, stress, family and relationship problems, self-esteem, and many other issues one may be experiencing.

Sometimes life can be overwhelming or confusing. Dr. Amiri believes that relationships and meaningful living require attention and “maintenance.” Therapy is no different than our dental or medical check-ups or changing the oil in our car engine. As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Amiri has often seen the effects and damage caused by “ignoring” one’s issues and symptoms. Problems can occur in significant areas of one’s life, such as love, work, and self-esteem, sometimes to the degree that one can lose touch with his/her emotions, goals, and the true meaning of his or her life, whereby one is merely existing, rather than really living.

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